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1225-X M-97
The Fisher M-97 is specially designed for finding buried or paved over valves, boxes, or manhole covers, or any other concealed metallic object. It also locates targets made of aluminum, brass and lead. The M-97 features push button tuning allowing the user to quickly and easily maintain optimum sensitivity for easy pinpointing of buried metallic objects. Plus, the M-97 offers auto-tune circuitry and a waterproof search coil. New to the M series is the ease with which the M-97 can be stored. Just compact the lower stem, twist the search coil 90 degrees, and fold the search coil flat. The M-97 fits easily into the optional carrying case. In the Fisher tradition, the M-97 is affordable, tough, and simple to use while providing maximum performance. A two year limited warranty comes standard with the unit..
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M-97 Specification Sheet

1225-X Gemini III
High performance, & deep detection, for a low price! Two box treasure hunters know that Fisher's Gemini-3 has a reputation for being the best there is. Designed to locate deep objects; depending on ground mineralization and target size objects may be detected as deep as 20 feet! The Gemini-3 goes deeper, traces farther and is easier to use than any other cache finder in its class.

The Gemini-3 Features:

• Detects all metals: Sensitive to large, deep objects or ore veins.
• Crystal controlled: 82 KHz transmitter and receiver.
• Four mode operation: Inductive Trace, Conductive Trace, Wide Scan Inductive
• Trace and Narrow Scan Inductive Trace.
• Optional Ground Plate Assembly for long distance underground tracing
• 60 cycle noise reduction circuitry
• VCO audio target response for precision pinpointing.
• Operates on standard AA batteries

Backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty*.
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1225-X NEW F-75
New design from the ground up!!!
  • Large LCD Screen with Target Identification Display
  • Double Filter Discrimination modes for searching trashy areas
  • Ground Cancellation - Trigger Activated FASTGRAB
  • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph Read Out
  • Trigger activated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch
  • Non-volitile memory saves settings - you won't lose your settings
  • Backlight - for night hunting
  • Low operating cost - more than 40 hours with 4 AA Batteries
  • Double D Search Coil - Designed to cut through the trash like a razor

Backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty*.
LIST PRICE $1199.00
SALE PRICE  $999.00 
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  • High Deep Seeking Auto Tune with Manual Ground Balance
  • Visual Target ID by Category
  • Numeric 0-99 Readout
  • 11 Segment Digital Target ID
  • 4 Tone Audio ID
  • One Touch Notch
  • One Touch Pinpoint with Numeric Depth Readout
  • 11" Bi-Axial Search Coil
  • Backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty*.
    List Price: $449.00
    Sale Price: $399.00


Fisher F5 Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector
Combining the Best in Analog and Digital Technology. High Resolution Manual Ground Balance!

  • Visual Target ID by Category
  • Numeric 0-99 Readout
  • Frequency Shift
  • Target ID Confidence Bar Graph
  • One Touch Notch
  • Push Button Static Pinpoint with Variable Audio Pitch and Depth Reading
  • Threshold and Gain Adjustments
  • Continuous Ground Mineralization Phase Readout
  • 4 Tone Audio ID

List Price: $549.00
Sale Price: $499.00

CZ-5 CZ-3D
The Fisher CZ-3D has it all: high performance, deep search capability, & visual target identification. The CZ-3D is easy to use, just turn on and go with pre-set control markings. It offers three tone audio target ID, big target alert, depth reading, push button pinpointing, wet-sand operation, deep-target audio boost and a built in speaker. It uses two 9V batteries for up to 20 hours of operation and comes standard with a 3-piece breakdown handle for easy transport. Plus, the control box can be handle or hip mounted. Backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty*.
LIST PRICE $949.95
SALE PRICE $807.46    
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1280-X 1280-X
Discriminating, simple to use, rugged & affordable. The deep-seeking, submersible, Aquanaut features automatic turn on-and-go operation for salt water, fresh water or land use. VF discrimination, target strength LED and our patented quartz-crystal circuitry offers up to 75 hours of battery life. For added ease of use, the control box converts to a belt mount. Backed by Fisher's 2 Year Warranty*.
List Price $799.95
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1280-X Specification Sheet

CZ-20 CZ-21
Underwater, in the surf, on the beach, anywhere, in all kinds of weather. Go anywhere, do anything, with the all-weather target ID machine that's leak proof to 250 feet deep, the CZ-21 Quicksilver. It's patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water, plus, it offers three tones to identify varying types of metal with faint-target audio boost. Backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty*.
LIST PRICE  $1,799.00 
SALE PRICE $1,499.00       
with 2 year warranty
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Gold Bug 2 Gold Bug 2
Take prospecting to new levels with the next generation of Gold Bug, the ultra high frequency Gold Bug-2. Like the original Gold Bug, the Gold Bug-2 is designed for finding gold nuggets. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultra-high frequency (the highest operating frequency on the market), iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-boost and the ability to operate in extremely mineralized soil with a 3-position mineralization switch. It comes with either a 6 1/2" or a 10 1/2" elliptical search coil for the same great price. Backed by Fisher's 5 Year Warranty*.
List Price: $899.99
Sale Price: $764.95
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