Water/Sand Scoops

Rock/Coin Tumblers



Gold Pans


Model #15-135

Mono-Stereo switch, Dual Volume controls, 8 OHMS

Our Price $34.95

Gray Ghost NDT

The New Gray Ghost NDT means "No Down Time!" Built on the solid foundation of the Original Gray Ghost, the Gray Ghost NDT comes with two detachable cables, each with a high-quality locking connector and your choice of plug sizes. Hunt with a new feeling of security! Plug into your detector and simply flip the switch for the best audio. For the NDT, we have engineered a very rugged detachable cord with a high-quality connector system and we give you two complete cords! You can have your choice of cords with two 1/4" plugs or two 1/8" plugs... Or you can have one of each size.

Our Price $140.00


Leshe Knife w/ Sheath

Made of #4130 Moly steel w/ 1 side "sawteeth", 1 side "sharpened"

Our Price $49.95
Sale Price $44.95

Water/Sand Scoops
"Quick Drain" Sandscoop

Very Sturdy "Anodized" bucket is 6.5" W x 10" L

List Price $39.95

  Stainless Steel Sandscoop

Same as the "quick drain" except has stainless steel construction

List Price $59.95

JS #545 Sandscoop

Very sturdy w/ braces, zinc chromated, 10" handle, 5" bucket

List Price $41.95

Treasure Wise Plastic Scoop

Scoop has 6 1/4" opening in bucket x 9" depth.

List Price $12.95

Rock/Coin Tumblers
Lortone Tumbler

3 lb. rubber barrell. Perfect for rock polishing & cleaning those dirty coins, etc; (not a toy)

Our Price $99.00


Jeweler's Loupe

These loupes are 10 power

Our Price $4.95



Wilcox Trowel #250S

18" L x 2" blade. Stainless steel solid construction

Our Price $15.95

Wilcox Trowel #300S

Same as 250S except this trowel measures 22" L x 3".

Our Price $19.95

Wilcox Trowel #102S

12" L x 2" wide blade. Stainless steel solid construction

Our Price $13.95

Gold Pans

Garrett Gold Panning Kit

Includes 10 1/2", 14" Pans w/ classifier & "Gold Guzzler" suction bottle

Our Price $29.95

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